These terms and conditions cover all our products, services, the use of our site, and everything pertaining to Seban Ventures. All activities and transactions on this site are controlled by these terms and conditions. The terms ‘We’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ’ourselves’ refers to Seban Ventures; ‘site’ refers to; ‘user’, ‘visitor’ refers to the individual using this website; ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘yours’, ‘yourself’, ‘client’, ‘customer’, ‘buyer’ refers to the user of this site, individual or body willing to or already partnering with us and/or subscribing to any of our products or services.

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You agree by the purpose of these terms and condition that you will not be hesitant in contacting us where clarification of any part of these terms and conditions is needed.

Terms of pricing and purchases

An order or request to purchase is an offer which we may or may not grant. We reserve all rights to either approve or cancel an order. A purchase is not considered effective until full and accurate payment of the desired product is made. We promise to always try to accurately tag our products with prices, in case of error in prices, purchases with wrong prices will not be effected until the error is being rectified and the accurate price of product is paid.

A purchase is effected when the customer receives the product of services paid for.

Terms of payment

Payments for purchases are made via our online payment platform on this site. Payments can also be made on delivery in cash or via mobile banking systems. In cases where payments are made and we are unable to provide you with the product(s) or service(s), full refund of the amount is made.

Payment is considered valid only when we get credited. We would not take responsibility or assume liability for any transaction error or payment issues resulting in an invalid payment.

Acceptable means of payment are made available on our payment platform.

Conditions of delivery

Deliveries made by us are not free. Cost of delivery varies depending on the location of the buyer of the product or service. Local deliveries are normally made within 1-7days but there may be delays due to certain contingencies, we would not be held responsible for such delays caused not by our incompetence or negligence.

Return policies

Products purchased and received under good conditions cannot be returned. For defective products or inappropriately matched orders, products can only be returned with seal unbroken except for products within warranty limit. Defective goods with warranty can only be returned under warranty conditions.

Goods can only be returned at the point of delivery before signing necessary receipt documents or within 7days after receipt of goods. To initiate return of goods after they have been received, customer will first contact us via the available page, to lodge the return request and return can be made upon authorization. Full refund is made for authorized returned products within 7 days after goods have been received in satisfying conditions.

Cancellation of order

We reserve every right to cancel or disapprove any order. A buyer can however cancel an order before it gets to be processed. Orders cannot be cancelled after they have been processed. Cancellation of orders can be made by contacting us via our contact us page.

Modification of content and termination of service

Contents of this site may be modified from time to time and this includes our products and services. will not be held liable for any inconvenience caused by such changes.


You hereby agree by reason of these terms and condition to indemnify us, our staffs or any person(s) representing us, of any responsibility, liability, penalty, claims, demands or legal fees as it may seem, relating to any kind of breach in agreement of these terms and conditions.